Review found out a ‘top monitor for gamers prone to extravagance’: the Philips Momentum 558M1RY have completed their test of the 558M1RY and awarded the latest Momentum monitor a 4/5 together with a Recommendation.

The very detailed review highlights a number of very positive points that include:

  • Enhanced design compared to that of the 43in model – in respect to pure design, materials, bezel colour and overall finish;
  • Matt panel with anti-glare ensuring perfect viewing comfort;
  • Unexpectedly nice surprise with the Bower & Wilkins sound bar;
  • Extended connectivity vs. the previous generation, with special mention that ‘Philips have learnt from their passed mistakes’
  • Simple but efficient remote control;
  • Good brightness and contrast, and excellent uniformity;
  • Ambiglow with real immersive effect resulting in a pleasant gaming experience “although we are usually not big fans of such artifices”.

All scores are accessible by clicking LA FICHE TECHNIQUE toward the end of the review, where the 558M1RY is introduced as a ‘high-end 55in monitor designed for gamers. Its VA 4K (3840×2160) matt panel boasts a 120Hz refresh. Below the screen is a 40W Bowers & Wilkins sound bar. And for complete immersion, the Ambiglow technology creates a halo of light at the back of the monitor.”


  • Measured Delta E in sRGB mode = 4.49 vs <2 announced on the specs sheet – with blue and green close to perfection (respectively 0.8 and 0.5)
  • ‘Disastrous’ French translation of the OSD

Verdict: “A top monitor for gamers prone to extravagance”

“The Momentum 558M by Philips is an upside-of-the-norm gaming monitor for consoles and PC and we like this. Quality is there and so are improvements vs. its predecessor.

It is the ideal living-room companion of those no longer watching live TV (only replays or VOS) and who mainly use their screen for gaming only, whether with the family or friends. The sound bar is a pleasant surprise, doing the job for all types of usage as long you don’t expect to turn into an opera singer.

With regards to its qualities and little flaws, the 1,500€ price tag appears entirely justified. And as Philips often have special offers, there is little doubt its price may go down in the months to come.”