4.5/5 stars for the Philips 242B1TFL from TechRadar Pro (UK) one of the UK’s highly visited hardware and tech websites for businesses from Future Publishing with over 49 million visits per month recently published a review of the Philips 242B1TFL open frame touch monitor.

The monitor received 4.5/5 stars.

+ Robustly built

+ Rubber seals

+ Remote control for OSD

+ Four input types

(+) Good 2.2 gamma tracking (+) Excellent energy efficiency (26.1W)

– Heavy

Verdict: „Solidly made design that will be popular with those that need to create customer-facing consoles. More contrast and brightness would have been nice, but the Philips 242B1TFL/00 is built for purpose and attractively priced. […] Some productive thinking has gone into the Philips 242B1TFL/00, and it isn’t just a modest 24-inch IPS panel with a touch screen glued on. The mounting system, water and dust protection, wide selection of inputs and the OSD remote control elevate this design in handy ways. The natural 1080p resolution is perfect for this job, and the ten-point touch sensor allows for a wide range of possible uses. The touch capability can be used for simple menu selections, more complicated finger-painting or signatures, and everything in between. […] The only criticism we have is that the protective coating applied to the screen reduces both contrast and brightness, but there is logic to this. Because if it were brighter, say 400 nits, this would increase the power consumption and the heat being generated in the enclosure. But what surprised us the most about this hardware is that while it might be a niche requirement, the price seems very reasonable for what you can do with it. “

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