5/5 stars and “Editor’s Choice” award for the Philips Moda 279C9 from IT Pro (UK), a website focusing on business aspects of technology, security and IT, run by the UK’s renowned Dennis Publishing, recently published a review of the Philips Moda 279C9. The monitor received 5/5 stars and their “Editor’s Choice” award! Please note a very similar review of this model was published earlier in December in the PC Pro (print) magazine by the same editor. The monitor also received PC Pro’s “Recommended” award.

+ Stylish design

+ Outstanding colour accuracy

+ Slick OSD

(+) 4K resolution

(+) Ergonomic, height-adjustable stand

(+) Average Delta E of 0.54 and a maximum of 1.03 in sRGB mode – stellar results

(+) 1304:1 contrast ratio

(+) Spot-on 6522K colour temperature (+) USB-C connectivity with 65 W power delivery and four USB-A 3.2 ports

– Expensive

(-) Cable management is not perfect

Verdict: „Philips plays the style card with the Moda 27, with an art deco feel to the square base and its cut-out circle. […] Some top engineering work has gone on here. […] The other key advantage of the Moda over the other 4K screens like the Iiyama is that it includes a USB-C input, delivering 65W of power. […] Bearing in mind all the quality on show, the price feels eminently reasonable (if you see a Philips Moda 27 for around £300, note that’s for an older model that includes a 1440p panel). Like a Netflix space documentary played over HDMI to take advantage of the Moda’s DisplayHDR 400 certification, this is a monitor that shines bright.“

Please find the full review here.