8/10 points and “Great” verdict for the Philips TAGH401BL from (UK)

GameSpace, a gaming focussed website from the UK/US, recently published a review including an extended unboxing video of the Philips TAGH401BL headset. The TAGH401BL received 8/10 points and a “Great” verdict.

The tester underlined the unusual design choice: “if you’re looking for something with a light footprint on your desktop that doesn’t compete with the rest of the RGB setup then the TAGH401BL might just surprise when you put it on.”

While noting some shortcoming in its mid and bass response (“It isn’t as heavily tuned towards the lower tones as competitors and the mid-range feels a little distant.”), he also praised the overall audio quality: “Overall, the audio is concise and clear, opting for precision and consistency over punch.”

The Dirac HD and 3D audio settings were also praised: “It is still limited by the power sitting behind the 40mm drivers but the entire experience feels present in a way that a £51 headset really shouldn’t, a huge benefit when heading into battle.”

+ Lightweight

+ Surprisingly Loud

+ Onboard 3D and HD Sound


– Bass is not very prominent

– Mic is just good enough

– Design choices are unusual

Verdict: „The Philips TAGH401BL is a solid headset for the price and lands in a solid niche in the market. £50 headsets are invariably neon-lit plastic monstrosities with 50mm drivers that are drowning in bass. The Philips headset sidesteps this for a lightweight option that tries to find a balance that leans more into accurate sound reproduction more than the stylized bass-heavy tuning of alternatives. If you’re more interested in sound than looks then the Philips TAGH401BL might be worth your cash. The TAGH401BL is available at major retailers, check out more on the official Philips website.“

Please find the full review here and the unboxing video here.