8/10 points and “Liked it” seal for Philips 559M1RYV @ (HU)

The influential Hungarian gaming magazine and esport community, published a review about the Philips 559M1RYV. The monitor received 8/10 points and’s “Liked it” seal!


+ Tasteful design

+ Ideal location of the Bowser & Wilkins soundbar

+ Customizable LED lights create a great ambient

+ Light and ergonomic remote control

+ Connectivity

+ Location of the ports

+ Professional image quality, brilliant pictures

+ Impressive gaming experience

+ Very fast

+ DisplayHDR 1000

+ Quality of the soundbar

+ Perfect for new-gen console gamers if they can afford it


– Lack of batteries in the remote control

– Heavy, not all tables are compatible

– Price

Please find the full review here.