88/100 points and 4.5/5 smileys for the Philips 24E1N1300A @ GadgetSpeak (UK)

GadgetSpeak, a website from the UK that reviews a wide range of appliances and gadgets, has tested the Philips 24E1N1300A and published a positive review. Overall, the monitor received 88/100 points, 4.5/5 smileys. For more information about the Philips 24E1N1300A monitor, please click here


  • USB-C connectivity
  •  23.8” display size, very small and light
  • FHD resolution
  • Two USB-A ports
  • Joystick for the OSD
  •  Excellent built-in speakers


  • No height adjustment 

Verdict:  “A lot of recent notebooks no longer have HDMI out in fact some Notebook/Tablets no longer have USB and just have USB-C. So this latest small and neat flat panel from Philips solves the problem while still allowing you to connect via HDMI but still has your back even if you only have USB-C. […] I found the ‘Auto’ display was perfect in a whole range of lighting conditions.”

Please find the full review here.