Good review of the Philips 329M1RV @ WELSHYTECH (UK)

Welshytech, a hardware focussed YouTube channel from Wales, recently published a good review of the Philips 329M1RV.


+ 32-inch display size

+ 4K resolution

+ 500 nits peak brightness

+ 144 Hz refresh rate

+ IPS panel

+ USB hub, USB-C connectivity and HDMI 2.1 ports

+ Gaming and well-being settings such as crosshair, low input lag, Low Blue mode

+ Ambiglow


– Ambiglow can’t be synced with other RGB peripherals

Verdict: „First of all, it’s a nice monitor, I like the brightness, the contrast is lovely. The inputs, you’ve got all the inputs, the USB, you’ve got a lot of USB inputs as well. It doesn’t require an (external) power supply which I found very good. It is a gaming optimised monitor of course, it’s primarily for consoles. I would say it’s a good recommendation obviously if you have the money for it.“

Please find the full review here.