Good review on the Philips 242E1GAEZ from fragtist (TR)

Fragtist,  popular IT website focused on gaming tested the Philips 242E1GAEZ and published a good review on its YouTube channel.


+ Good colours

+ 144 Hz and 1 ms

+ 3.5 mm headphones port and integrated speakers

+ Modest design and functional features

+ HDMI and DisplayPort connection on back

+ Full HD resolution

+ Easy and useful menu with Turkish OSD

+ Gaming modes

+ LowBlue Light feature makes working easier

+ Tilt function and height adjustability

+ DisplayPort and HDMI cables included in the box

+ FreeSync support


– None

Verdict: “This is a monitor that pays its price back because it really provides all the features and performance it promises in the best way. If you are looking for a good monitor with affordable price, outstanding features and FreeSync support, you can consider this Philips monitor as well.”

You can find the review here.