MMD Philips superwide monitors – GET INSPIRED


Sometimes less is more. But when it comes to maximizing productivity, Philips SuperWide Monitors prove that more is more. Offering professionals of all fields an expansive canvas that’s ready to receive their best ideas and enable them to reach all their objectives, Philips SuperWide Monitors are a standing invitation to think big.

“Productivity is my top concern.”

The modern work environment is fast-paced, multi-functional, and dynamic; regardless of your profession, you need hardware that enables you to deliver a top-notch performance day in and day out. Philips SuperWide Monitors are a powerful ally in your quest to do your best. The luxuriously large 49” 32:9 format can easily replace two 27” 16:9 QHD displays placed side-by-side, avoiding the clutter of extraneous cables and removing the hassle of multi-monitor set-ups. Compare documents, work with detailed spreadsheets, or use the MultiClient Integrated KVM switch and Multi-View function to manage two separate devices simultaneously. With so much screen space, the possibilities never end. And because productivity increasingly demands connectivity, Philips SuperWide Monitors include a host of connectivity features including a USB 3.1 type-C docking station with power delivery.

“My job demands impeccable picture quality.”

No one likes having to scroll and zoom in order to see the big picture. With Philips SuperWide Monitors, you can enjoy dual QHD 5120 x 1440 resolution, which delivers higher pixel density and greater detail, enabling you to see more content at once. VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 technology delivers a fuller palette of vivid, sparkling colors, deep shadows, and bright whites, ensuring that every photograph, video, and graphic is accurate and lifelike, while advanced Vertical Alignment technology provides high static contrast ratios for crisp images from any viewing angle. And for gamers of all ages, Adaptive Sync technology offers the additional benefit of effortlessly smooth gameplay.

“I want comfort and security.”

Philips SuperWide Monitors are designed with viewer comfort in mind. The SuperWide curved, nearly frameless screen has a gentle enveloping effect, which offers a panoramic viewing experience that shuts out distractions and helps you to focus on your work. Myriad features ensure optimal wellbeing, beginning with the eyes. Anti-glare and low reflection, as well as Flicker-Free technology, EasyRead, and Low Blue mode work together to protect your vision and enhance your overall experience, while the adjustable monitor stand enables you to tilt, swivel, and adjust the stand to the height and angle that best suit your needs. For additional ergonomic comfort, Philips SuperWide Monitors feature a VESA mount. And for viewing that’s as secure as it is comfortable, an integrated Windows HelloTM facial recognition pop-up webcam is included as well. Thanks to Philips SuperWide Monitors, productivity just got a whole lot more comfortable.