MMD’s 2020 announcements in a glance

At MMD we tried to make the best out of it with products that facilitate our everyday lives in terms of work and entertainment. Here are the new products that we announced…

Philips B line – empowering business

All Philips B Line monitors feature great comfort, full connectivity, flexibility and excellent image quality and this year’s new models are no different.

MMD improved and widen its Philips B line with six new models. Starting with the Philips 243B9, the perfect blend of simplicity, comfort and performance, thanks to the USB-C docking, high-speed USB 3.2, and Full HD resolution with IPS technology.

The next launch was the Philips 243B1 monitor, equipped with a rich variety of features and technologies designed for optimal comfort and productivity like Full HD resolution, USB-C docking technology, and HDMI connectivity. This display is an excellent choice for the ecologically-minded as it not only meets strict environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR, EPEAT and TCO, but also integrates the PowerSensor that can help to save as much as 80% of energy costs.

The line-up has been subsequently enriched with three more displays: the Philips 245B1 monitor, designed from top to bottom to offer optimal comfort and productivity for those who seek both versatility and high performance, the Philips 242B1 and275B1 monitors both loaded with a wide range of visual and performance-maximizing features and innovations.

Last but not least, the Philips 242B1V monitor, designed to help professionals improving productivity while protecting sensitive data and contents from visual hacking with the innovative Privacy Mode. By simply pressing a button, the screen appears dark and barely visible from both sides, while keeping clear visuals at the center. This new model also features Full HD resolution and SmartImage to deliver the best visualization of images and video.

Green Attitude 

In 2020 MMD also confirmed its green side with the announcement of the Philips 272B1G monitor with eco-consciousness at the heart, for a greener lifestyle and a super-efficient working experience.

This 27″ display is a further improvement of last year’s greenest display, the Philips 241B7QGJ. Looking more stylish than ever with the renewed design, it offers the ecologically-minded professionals a full set of innovative tools to boost performance at work while respecting the environment and meeting the latest power efficiency standards as the Energy Star 8.0 certification.

The Philips 272B1G supports Philips’ long-standing commitment to sustainability and environment protection, designing monitors able to ensure the lowest environmental impact possible. Compliant with RoHS standards, this eco-friendly monitor is entirely free of substances such as lead, mercury and PVC/BFR. Moreover, all plastic body parts, metal chassis parts, and packing materials are 100% recyclable.

Momentum monitors and Bowers & Wilkins partnership

Following the first announcement of Momentum line at Gamescom 2019, this year MMD showcased the first 55 inches gaming monitor, the Momentum 558M1RY, created from a product collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins. The announcement came together with another new important milestone into the family: the Momentum 278M1R monitor.

The Momentum 558M1RY brings a whole new dimension to gaming, boasting a 4K UHD resolution, featuring 3840 x 2160 pixels and DisplayHDR 1000, up to 120Hz refresh rate and an exclusive speaker engineered by Bowers & Wilkins. The soundbar is built into the monitor, meaning users can plug in and play immediately, it has a 40W Total output power, 2.1 Channel Sound System, DTS Sound and a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. The Ambiglow technology, which creates a halo of light from the monitor, enlarges the screen and immerses users into their games.

The Momentum 278M1R, on the other hand, is the first Philips monitor designed exclusively with esports players in mind. In particular, it’s ideal for FPS, Action or Racing titles. Its 4K resolution display is HDR Ready and has a lightning-fast 1ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate.

New PC Gaming line-up

Considering the big and impressive growth of the video gaming industry, MMD couldn’t fail to hear the overall need for innovative and performing products that combine design with essential features.

This is the reason why MMD announced the E Line Gaming Monitor, entering for the first time into the PC Gaming segment. The E Line delivers a seamless experience through the 144 Hz refresh rates, that redraws the screen image up to 144 times per second, effectively 2.4x faster than a standard display.

The first two monitors of the family, the Philips 242E1GAJ and the Philips 272E1GAJ, guarantee the seamless and hyper entertaining experience, while their design perfectly matches with any interiors and blends in our daily life.

Later, the PC Gaming portfolio grew with two new displays: the Philips 242E1GAEZ and Philips 272E1GAEZ. With the height-adjustable stand to maximize the viewing comfort, these two models mix entertainment-focused features with ergonomic ones to ensure the ideal viewing experience.

The E Line Gaming Monitor also features Ultra-Wide-Color Technology, which delivers a wider spectrum of colors for a more brilliant picture, SmartContrast, that analyzes the contents displayed, and Flicker-Free technology for more comfortable viewing.

Touch feeling

Touch screens are so well appreciated that wherever we look around, we can see touch technology-based devices in action – whether using a printer, buying a ticket, or even working. This fast and intuitive technology enhances user engagement by allowing to tap, swipe and scroll to experience what are displayed.

Leveraging this trend, MMD announced two new Monitors with SmoothTouch and anti-Glare Coating: the Philips 172B9TL and the Philips 242B9TL. The new monitors feature SmoothTouch, which means that the display uses Projected capacitive 10-point touch technology for fluid response. The glass overlay ensures scratch protection up to 7H. This is extremely important for certain industries as retail, supermarkets, logistics and HoReCa, where they need a reliable and resistance touch solution to run their applications.  No less important, to improve even better user productivity, these displays come with HDMI port for universal digital connectivity, two USB 3.1 for high-speed data transfer and DisplayPort connection for maximum visuals.

In addition, MMD also brought to the market a new version of the previously announced touch displays which now come without the stand. These models (Philips 242B9TN, 222B9TN, 172B9TN and 162B9TN) are a good option for those who want to use the VESA mount stand for fixed installations.

Say Hello to connectivity

This year ends with two stunning additions to the Philips Brilliance line: Philips 326P1H and Philips 329P1H monitors that offer a built-in USB type-C docking station with power delivery and a webcam equipped with advanced sensors for Windows Hello™ facial recognition.

Moreover, Philips 326P1H monitor delivers Quad HD 2560 x 1440 pixel images making it even easier to see every detail, while Philips 329P1H display comes with an UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, offering a real-life viewing experience that makes all the difference.

These new best in class monitors are ideal for architects and graphic design professionals, finance operators and other organizations that require high-performance monitors for precise, accurate, color-critical work. And thanks to their wide range of features, can be a great solution even for everyday computing at home.

Innovation never stands still, and MMD has already started working on next technologies and features to create new smarter and more efficient ways to make the most from a monitor user experience.