More than suitable for office applications: the Philips 329P9H @ TechUpProduction (DACH)

TechUpProduction, a young YouTuber who regularly reports on technology in general and hardware in particular for his community, took a closer look at the Philips 329P9H. The good picture quality, the extensive features, the ergonomic functions and the excellent overall workmanship are particularly highlighted.

Philips 329P9H

(+) Large colour space coverage

(+) Very good DeltaE value

(+) Ethernet connection and USB hub

(+) USB-C with 65 W

(+) Pop-up FullHD webcam

(+) Picture quality

(+) Good black levels

(+) Surprisingly sharp images

(+) Natural colours

(+) High contrast

(+) Good features

(+) Good workmanship

(+) Very ergonomic


(-) Horrible sound

(-) Only 60 Hz refresh rate

(-) 5 ms response time

Verdict: “More than suitable for office applications.”

Please find the full video here.