Philips 499P9H in the first place among “Best 5K and 8K monitors” list @ Techradar Pro (UK), one of the UK’s highly visited hardware and tech websites for businesses from Future Publishing with over 49 million visits per month recently published an article titled “Best 5K and 8K monitors of 2021”, in which the Philips 499P9H was listed in the first place!

+ Adaptive-Sync

+ Good LCD panel quality


– VA rather than IPS panel

– 60 Hz refresh rate

Verdict: “A mammoth 5K monitor for business and even light gaming. […] The impressive Phillips 499P9H is one of the more feature-packed ultrawide monitors available today. Its VA panel is 8-bit, rather than IPS and 10-bit, and only supports the DisplayHDR 400 standard – so while it looks fine to the untrained eye, it’s less suited to professional photo and video-editing work compared to its rivals. That’s where our gripes end – this mammoth monitor features plenty of connectivity options including a USB Type-C interface for hooking up a MacBook or other machine, and it goes further than rivals by including a pop-up webcam with Windows Hello Support for snappy face-ID login. The icing on the cake is its adaptive sync support, which makes it suitable for light gaming at 60fps if you have a capable AMD graphics card.”

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