Philips Panel 243B1

GadgetSpeak, a website from the UK that reviews a wide range of appliances and gadgets, has tested the Philips 243B1 and published a short review. Overall, the monitor received 4/5 smileys (84/100 points)!

Verdict: „This 24 inch flat panel from Philips is one of their ‘B Line’ range. It gives 1920×1080 HD resolution and has a range of connections which includes USB ‘C’. Other reasons to purchase include a small stand, very easy assembly, the ability to swing it from side to side on the stand and narrow bezels. This unit gives both good sound and vision even over a long day and then can even give a good viewing angle for things like YouTube should you want it. You can also use it in portrait mode which could be useful for showing a mobile phone output via USB ‘C’ on this 24-inch screen (actual resolution 23.8 inches).“

Please find the full review here