Review of Philips 241E1SCA @, an influencer blog and YouTube channel from Turkey focussed on hardware, cryptocurrency mining and graphics cards published a video review of the Philips 241E1SCA on its YouTube channel.

+ Pretty successful for daily usage.

+ Very good viewing angles

+ Proportions of its curvature and thin frames.

+ Different gaming modes. 

+ Turkish OSD and practical usage compared to a joystick.

+ Practical plastic stand and simple design, VESA mount option

+ FreeSync feature.

+ Flicker-free and LowBlue mode support.

+ Its brightness is not very high but suitable for indoor usage.

+ 2 x 3 W speakers are good and sufficient for its segment.

+ Affordable price

– Lack of NVIDIA G-SYNC feature

Verdict: “This monitor is a wonderful monitor for home user and office works. It will be successful for watching movies for several people, too. If you won´t buy a monitor especially gaming, the features of 4ms and 75 Hz of this monitor are also good values for its segment. If I have to give negative feedback, its fixed stand and not very fast speed can be listed. However, according to its segment and not very high price, these critics would be nonsense. I liked this monitor personally very much and it would be a monitor I would buy and use in its class.”

Please find the full review (in Turkish) here.