Short review about Philips 279C9 @ Alles Beste (DACH)

Germany’s Alles Beste, a review and comparison website for home electronics, recently updated their “Best 4K monitor” article and included the Philips 279C9 under the “also tested” section

Previously, the Philips 329P9 is listed as an alternative to the best monitor, marked with “With smart extras”.

Philips 279C9


+ Connections easily accessible

+ Good colours

+ With USB hub


– External power supply

– No pivot function

Verdict: “The Philips 279C9 stands on a small angular base, but just like the display stand, it is very stable. This also allows the monitor to be swivelled and tilted as well as adjusted in height. Turning the monitor, however, is a little difficult. The connections at the back are not difficult, but easy to reach, as they are all led straight out to the back. This also applies to the USB hub and the mains connection, which is, however, provided by an external power supply unit.

In terms of design, Philips also follows the general trend towards narrow screen edges. But not only does the casing look good, the display also shows strong colours and is pleasant on the eyes. There are no integrated loudspeakers, but there is a headphone output that forwards sound signals from the picture source to loudspeakers or headsets. The menu is operated via a small joystick on the underside of the screen. This can also be used to switch the Philips 279C9 on and off, but the joystick has to be pressed for a very long time.”

Please find the full review here.