Technologies at your fingertips – Philips Touch solutions

With the massive growth of touch technology in recent years, the unmatched power of hands can easily be found in different applications, ranging from our phones to self-check-in totems in airports. 

In the consumer segment, the fast development of smartphones and tablets in terms of hardware goes hand in hand with the improvement of various apps in Android, iOS and Windows. Software is evolving to a more convenient, intuitive and interactive direction to fulfil the various needs of consumers in education or home office purposes.

Whilst in the corporate and public sectors, more businesses have adapted the touch technologies in their solutions. Not only does the touch screens take productivity to the next level, but it also helps businesses to save costs and improve the user experiences, for example, self-checkout kiosks, ATMs, Point of Information, etc.

In 2019, Philips Monitors announced a new portfolio of Glass Overlay Touch Products to support the development of our partners and end customers. Two years later, this portfolio is expanded to new Advanced In-Cell Touch Monitors and Open Frames Touch Monitors.

Our key value proposition to the market is:

  • A robust portfolio designed with a solution-focused mindset, that is suitable with the requirements of touch products from home users to more complex solutions as open frames for kiosk installations
  • Certified environmental-friendly products in terms of energy consumption, packaging and product materials, production and economy circularity, and high-standard in terms of compliance with different European certifications
  • Reliable and fast customer service to support you in case of any technical issue. All products have 3 years warranty with an optional time extension


A portfolio designed for the traditional IT channel, office and home users

The surge in advanced apps in different operation systems, particularly in Android and Windows, drives the increase of the number of interactive apps that can efficiently boost productivity in offices, as well as accelerating the learning process of children with a diverse learning experience.  

Additionally, Windows 10 has made accessing touch experience even easier, by allowing the users to set up their desktops or laptops in Tablet Mode, and enjoy another 23.8” screen real state. With the SmartStand, it also grants the user of the possibility of having an ergonomic setup with a clean desk.  

Features for improved productivity

  • Advanced In-Cell Touch Technology with Projected Capacitive and 10-multiple touchpoints, the most accurate and fluid experience
  • IPS panel with wide viewing angles, clear visualization and colour accuracy
  • Anti-glare, slim and with a 3-side frameless design
  • SmartStand (Z-design with dual-hinge stand) with tilt, foldable and height adjustment features and an optional bracket to mount a mini PC.
  • Simple installation and extensive compatibility with certain versions of Windows, Android and Linux
  • 2W stereo speakers and USB Hub (3x 3.2) for fast connectivity and charging to your different accessories, and internal power supply
  • TÜV Eye comfort certified for an optimal experience with FlickerFree and Low Blue Light Mode
  • EPEAT silver, TCO and EnergyStar certified and 70.000 hours MTBF demonstrated (excluding backlight)


Reliable solution for business and POS applications

The monitors of this series can be applied in different user scenarios such as POS (cash desk), logistics and warehouses, HoReCa and in-store applications. These models offer a reliable touch experience as a result of the Projected Capacitive Technology and an edge-to-edge glass overlay to protect the display. The monitor is certified with IP65 for easy cleaning and equipped with a SmartStand for ergonomic applications that support horizontal, portrait and face-up applications. In terms of convenience, it has a full set of connectors (VGA, HDMI, DP and DVI), stereo speakers and a built-in USB hub, where you may connect and power different devices. The monitors are also certified by high environmental protection standards as EPEAT, TCO and EnergyStar. For certain user scenarios where the stand it is not needed, optional versions without the stand are available.

Features for robust responsiveness

  • Projected Capacitive with 10-point touch technology for a fluid response and enhanced user experience
  • Edge-to-edge glass overlay to ensure scratch protection up to 7H and toughness against damages
  • Ingress protection rating with IP65 (front only) guarantees water and dust protection for different industries and easy cleaning
  • FHD (certain models only) resolution for crystal clear display images with pure colour and excellent clarity
  • Ultimate convenience with stereo 2W speakers and built-in USB hub, that can power devices such as Raspberry Pi and Android players (5V, 2A)
  • Simple installation and extensive compatibility with certain versions of Windows, Android and Linux
  • EPEAT silver, TCO and EnergyStar certified and 70.000 hours MTBF demonstrated (excluding backlight)
  • Optional Anti-Glare coating (AG) that reduces the glare of the touch monitor screen, bracket to mount a mini PC in the back and versions without the stand (touch monitor only)


24/7 ready for fixed and kiosk installations

Totem, kiosks and digital point of information are widely accepted nowadays in public spaces, retailers, airports and bank branches. Many of these businesses made use of the open frame touch monitors to ensure better user experience with environmentally friendly and dynamic solutions. As part of our portfolio expansion, we dedicated the B1TFL series to support our partners and end customers with these specific needs of the industry.

Our B1TFL-series has an aesthetic design and features a 24/7 operational time for non-stop solutions. In terms of touch technology, it works under a glass touch overlay with up to 7H scratch protection, powered with a Projected Capacitive touch module. The monitors are certified with IP65 and have an 8mm foam on the border to guarantee protection from water and dust. All our portfolio has an Anti-glare coating, to ensure not only glare reduction but anti-fingerprint advantages. An innovative L-bracket system and VESA standard, provide two universal mounting systems for easy installation. The monitor is ready to use in different applications and support horizontal, portrait and face-up applications.

Features that guarantee reliable customer experiences

  • Projected capacitive with 10-multiple touchpoints guarantees fluid and a reliable touch experience for the user, with an edge-to-edge glass with 7H hardness and easy cleaning
  • 350-to-450-nit extra display brightness and Anti-Glare coating for comfortable use in every environment
  • Landscape and portrait mode, with face-up support
  • Complete set of connectors such as HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and DVI, and built-in USB hub (2x USB-A 3.1) to connect extra hardware and power devices
  • Built-in OSD buttons and wired remote OSD controller for fixed installation without access to the back of the monitor
  • Mounting system options as VESA and L-brackets
  • Compliance with different European certifications and EMI class-B, for additional electromagnetic protection
  • Wired remote OSD and L-brackets are included in the box.