Press release

The new Philips Monitors 243S1 combines comfort and connectivity for enhanced productivity

Amsterdam, January 24, 2021 – For offices of any kind, the ideal monitor must provide robustness, comfort and convenience for the user. Built to handle the rigors of day-to-day business, the Philips Monitors 243S1 comes with all the right features, combining comfortable user experience, good picture quality, performance, and durability.

This 24” (23.8″ / 60.5 cm diag.) IPS panel features FHD resolution, USB-C connectivity options among many others, and built-in docking station where every task can be taken care of with smooth and complete functionalities.

Multiple connectivity at its simplest

Having a wide array of connectors is no longer just supplementary for professionals, but a standard for those who need multiple connectivities throughout the day. With the USB-C docking station, the Philips 243S1 charges, transfers and connects your laptop all at the same time. The slim, reversible USB-C connector allows for an easy, one-cable connection that transfers data at super-speed, while powering up and re-charging (up to 65W) the notebook in use simultaneously, directly from the monitor. USB-C also allows for effortless daisy-chaining for multi-display setups. Cleaner workspaces are easily manageable with the possibilities USB-C solution grants.

Along with this new standard, the Philips 243S1 also features a built-in RJ-45 ethernet for powerful data security, as well as an HDMI 1.4, a DP 1.2 and 4 USB-A to easily connect any peripherals and devices.

Mindful for long working hours

Designed with users’ well-being in mind, this model comes with a SmartErgo Base which enables ergonomic adjustments that allow users to position themselves to their satisfaction. Users can easily tilt (+25/-5 degree), swivel (+180/-180 degree) and height-adjust (up to 130 mm) the monitor for an ideal viewing position. This maximum comfort, along with an ergonomic set-up and some good habits to take short breaks away from the display, can ease the physical strains of a long workday. In addition, being in the right position also increase the productivity and support the users to be more focused.

Easy on the eyes

Spending hours in front of a display can result in eye fatigue and burning, dry and red eyes – which are some of the main symptoms of so-called CVS, Computer Vision Syndrome. To effectively reduce weariness of the eyes and ensure the well-being of users, Philips Monitors 243S1 meets the TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort standard to prevent this common eye strain, without disturbing reflections. It also offers wide viewing angles to avoid any reduction in image quality when viewing from different angles. This comfortable viewing experience is also made possible thanks to Flicker-Free technology, LowBlue Mode and the paper-like reading experience of EasyRead Mode. Together, these innovations ensure stable, easy-on-the-eyes productivity during long work hours.

Philips 243S1 is available from January 2022 at the MSRP of €329.