The perfect sound technologies for gamers

The perfect audio design is crucial when playing video games. Emotional music and detailed sounds from your in-game environment can transport you right into digital fantasy worlds. Pricking up your ears to hear approaching enemies can make or break a match in multiplayer games. The Dirac Spatial Audio solution aims to provide the most realistic sound design for gamers.

The different methods of sound design

Headset manufacturers use several methods to convey sound, and you might get overwhelmed on your search for your new device. Here are the differences between the various types.

Stereo: The classic stereo uses two audio channels, one for the left ear and one for the right ear. Therefore, the sound source comes from two different directions, making it one-dimensional – left and right.

True Surround: Surround goes a step further. This audio system recreates sound at more angles and distances, usually being two-dimensional – left and right, front and back. Generally, for True Surround this is achieved either by multiple devices in a room, or multiple speakers in a headset. The system is also beneficial for gamers as it not only helps to create a greater sense of immersion, but also to determine the source of certain noises and therefore the specific location of the enemy.

Virtual Surround: A surround audio output can also be achieved by tricking the brain. The Virtual Surround system only uses two speakers, like Stereo, but it makes use of different techniques that allows users to hear sounds from additional directions that are “surrounding” the listener – even though it is still from just two directions. One such technique is diffusing sounds by altering the relative time a sound reaches each ear, giving an impression of depth.

Spatial Audio: The most modern technology is Spatial Audio, also referred to as 3D Audio – sound appears to come from all possible angles: left and right, front and back, and up and down. Therefore, Spatial Audio makes it feel like the sound is coming at you from everywhere, allowing you to become fully immersed in the fantastic digital worlds you’re diving into. The aim is to mimic real life sound experiences as closely as possible.

Get the best experience with Dirac Spatial Audio

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac has been working on a way to achieve total realism. Not only did they want to make gamers feel completely immersed, but also to give them strategic advantages. Together with Philips, Dirac has created a gaming headset with Dirac’s award-winning spatial audio solution.

This breakthrough technique produces a virtualized three-dimensional, 7.1 surround sound experience. The headset, using two audio channels, puts users in the centre of the action while creating the effect of audio signals coming in from all angles around the player.

Different sounds and noises seem more realistic and clearer, with even subtle audio inputs such as passing footsteps or a quiet whisper being highlighted. Most importantly, however, players can pinpoint exactly which direction the sounds are coming from. This can be crucial in multiplayer games where both sight and sound are needed to gather as much intel on opponents as possible.

Discover a new level of audio-immersion with Philips headphones

If you are now keen to explore the different audio designs and fully immerse yourself within your favourite video games, check out the TAGH301BL and the TAGH401BL. These headsets by Philips come with a range of benefits to enhance your gaming experience.

The models are ultra-light over-ear headsets with built-in microphones and 40mm speakers to deliver sound without any distortion. The adjustable headband and built-in cushions guarantee maximum comfort even during the longest battles. Thanks to the integrated control panel, the mic can be easily turned on and off, and the game volume can be adjusted without tabbing out.

The TAGH401BL also features Dirac Spatial Audio to fully transport you into an immersive game. Players can conveniently toggle between two modes via the headset’s USB cord. The Dirac Spatial Audio technology is perfect for gaming and movies, whereas the optimized sound mode works best for listening to music.