Very good results for Philips 498P9Z @ Žaidimų Balsas (LT)

Lithuania’s popular YouTuber, Žaidimų Balsas, published a monitor review about the Philips 498P9Zwhich received very good results.


+   All needed cables included

+   Ergonomics and stable metal stand

+   Connectivity

+   5120 x 1440 resolution with 165 Hz refresh rate

+   Racing games look spectacular

+   Great immersion feeling in games

+   Good option for all kinds of work

+   Great for multitasking


–   Some will feel distraction in FPS/eSport games due to too much information on screen

–   Stand base is quite big, may leave too little space on the desk for keyboard  

Verdict: “The Philips 498P9Z is a fantastic monitor, its quality, its design, its full performance is really high level, but for some gamers it may just not be suitable due to the SuperWide screen incompatibility with certain games.” 

Please find the full review here.