Very good review of Philips 558M1RY @ influencer Bafir (TR)

Bafir (Eren Gürkale), a popular gaming influencer from Turkey with 641K subscribers, recently published a review of the Philips 558M1RY on his Youtube channel.

+ Huge 55-inch size

+ Included remote control

+ Excellent sound quality of the integrated soundbar (20W woofer and two 10W tweeters)

+ Ambiglow

+ Very sharp thanks to 4K decent pixel density

+ 4 ms GtG response time

+ Plug and Play experience

+ 4K and 144 Hz over DisplayPort

+ 115% sRGB coverage

+ Excellent deep blacks

+ Very good mid and high frequencies of the soundbar

+ Excellent couch gaming experience with gamepad thanks to the combination of 4K and 55-inch size

– Ambiglow doesn’t really match the colour of the screen content exactly
– Bass on the highest volume is not very clear

Verdict: “It’s really fun to play games on such a big screen with such a great resolution. The monitor is beautiful, it does justice. But 19.000 TL might make you think a bit. Moreover, since you need to buy high-end graphic cards such as RTX 3090 to enjoy it, it is kind of expensive and does not appeal to everyone’s budget in Turkey. But if you are considering buying such a monitor, I can say that it really deserves the price tag. It is a monitor that is visually similar to TVs when viewed from the outside, and can function as a TV when connected to a satellite receiver. It’s beautiful, I really like it. I would recommend it if you’re thinking about buying it.”

Please find the full video review here