4.5/5 stars and good review for Philips 558M1RY @ TechteamGB

UK’s TechteamGB, home of all kinds of technology reviews, recently published a review of the Philips 558M1RY on their website as well as on their YouTube channel. The monitor received 4.5/5 stars.                                                                      

Please note that the tester wrote “Ultimate Gaming TV” in his title as a means of SEO. The tester is fully aware that the display is actually a “monitor” and not a TV. He continued to emphasise that throughout the review, but also underlined that it could replace a TV in the living room thanks to its specifications. Since those among his community that are interested in console gaming would rather search for a TV to upgrade their setup, he chose to use this keyword in the title in order to attract the ideal target group for the monitor to his video.

+ 4K at 120 Hz refresh rate

+ DisplayHDR 1000 support

+ 100% sRGB coverage and factory calibrated with DeltaE < 2

+ Great Bowers & Wilkins soundbar

+ Just 4 ms input lag measured, with total system input lag around 35 ms, which is decent

+ Really impressive as a “living room” screen with impressive brightness, great colours and HDR

+ Ambiglow

+ Rich connectivity with HDMI, DP and 4x USB hub (with two fast charge ports)

+ Very nice stand with tilt adjustment

+ VESA mount option

+ Price compared to similarly specced TVs


– Fair bit of ghosting with 8 ms GtG (measured)

– Ambiglow reacts slowly and flashed white at the and of “auto” cycle

– Only HDMI 2.0 instead of HDMI 2.1, which is disappointing for new generation console useres

Verdict: „This is the Philips Momentum 55” Gaming Monitor. It’s 4K, runs at 120Hz, and is mind-blowingly beautiful. Oh and comes with a killer soundbar attached. […] If you’ve got a 55” display, odds are this is going to be your main TV too, so how does it perform those duties? Really well. Impressively bright, great colours to the eye, HDR capable should you want it and the sound bar, while not the most bass heavy and obviously can be out performed by a full room or dedicated setup, offers a great sound profile, fairly full sounding. […] So, it sounds like an amazing display at a pretty reasonable price point for where it’s at, right? Well yes, but there is a massive catch. Those HDMI ports, are only HDMI 2. The only way you can run at 4K 120Hz is over DisplayPort, something the new generations of consoles don’t have. […] If you are using a PC, you’ve got no concerns, it’s a great display, a little slow but for a 55” panel it’s definitely not bad. But if you are after a console gaming experience, it’s missing a fairly key feature.“

Please find the full written review here and the video review here.