8/10 points and “Great” verdict for the Philips 27M1N5200PA @ GameSpace (UK)

GameSpace, a gaming focussed website from the UK/US, recently published a review including an extended unboxing video of the Philips 27M1N5200PA. The monitor received 8/10 points and a “Great” verdict!

+ Incredible frame rates and heckin fast response time

+ FreeSync and G-SYNC compatibility

+ Barely any setup required

(+) Recyclable packaging

(+) Full metal construction, refined design with a distinct aesthetic incl. hexagonal shaped stand and retro-looking base

(+) No noticeable ghosting

– Color coverage is just OK

– HDR is very blunt

Verdict: “The decent color reproduction merged with a great response time and an impressive refresh rate mean that everything in this brightly animated future looks fantastic. For free to play and eSports legacy titles that are designed to throw intense high speed action at a range of rigs, the 27M1N5200PA is in its element. […] If you’re looking for a monitor that plays as hard as you work and that doesn’t aim for garish gamer tropes, then this is a great choice. Speed, clarity, and a wonderful clean aesthetic are at the core of the Philips 27M1N5200PA and will definitely meet the demands of the more refined esports enthusiast. […] The Philips Momentum 5000 27M1N5200 is a blisteringly fast esports monitor that absolutely aims for the top of the ladder. It incorporates a nuanced look that is all action and no hype, but push this FHD IPS panel into other arenas where the experience isn’t all about reaction times, and you might uncover some compromises. An amazing monitor for FPS fans and esports competitors looking to gain every edge on the competition without shouting about it.”

Please find the full article here and the unboxing video here.