9.5/10 points for Philips 242E2FA @ (LT)

Lithuania’s popular mobile phones, general electronics, and computers website has published monitor review about the Philips 242E2FAthat received very good results:

Overall – 9.5/10 points

Design – 10/10 points

Performance – 9/10 points

Screen 9/10 points

Sound – 10/10 points.


+  Narrow bezels and amazing design

+  Bright colours and good viewing angles

+  Eye-friendly image modes

+  Only 1 ms response time

+  Price


–  Non-adjustable stand height

–  Uncomfortable viewing in sunlight (reflections)

–  Full HD resolution only

Verdict: “I mentioned a few downsides in the review – the unadjustable screen height, unimpressive FullHD resolution with low brightness, and not the perfect fit for gamers – I don’t think that this prevented the Philips 242E2 from becoming that ideal monitor for the average person. You just look at those razor-thin bezels around the screen for a bright and perfectly visible image from all angles and you can reduce eye strain when working at night. If we add a glass of a decent price starting at 150 euros to this cocktail, we will have a hard time finding something that can surpass it with its strength.” That’s why gave it these points: Overall – 9.5/10, Design – 10/10, Performance – 9/10, Screen 9/10, Sound – 10/10.

Please find the full review here.