A Portable Way of Working – on the go solutions and features

Known for their ability to travel due to their lightweight and portable design, portable monitors are often seen as on-the-go workspaces. This is surely correct, but there are plenty of usages for portable monitors, some are just less obvious than others. Working on the road is surely the first usage on the list: you can be more comfortable and productive even on the go, utilizing time during the commute, users are able to work comfortably on the Philips Portable monitor everywhere and anytime.

It can also be a massive ally in business meetings: when giving presentations to clients or partners, portable monitors allow you to have an extra screen for better visibility and smoother communication. Portable monitors allow users to work easily on several windows without switching from one to another, doubling productivity and expanding the overview.

But they can also help making the most out of your free time and your hobbies. You can now recharge and have fun, giving extra space to your hobbies, passions, and entertainment with no hassle. For example, Philips Portable monitors are here to help you turn over every game with an extra screen that widens your vision and enhances accuracy.

Overview of features
There’s a short but fundamental list of features that portable monitors should have to truly boost your performance, without any hassle. The first is offering versatile connectivity, specifically including USB dual mesh cable with DisplayLink, which allows users to connect any device and be immediately ready to present, work or run a dual-screen workstation on the go. Secondly, a stand, which provides the flexibility to get comfortable anywhere.

Philips Portable Monitors series offer all of that, in a winner package. The series’ design identity of Philips Portable monitors series has in fact won a title from the 2021 Product iF Design Awards and was also a 2021 reddot winner.

Philips 16B1P3302D
The Philips 16B1P3302D is easily suited to fitting in a briefcase or a backpack with its 15.6-inch (39.6 cm diagonal) display. In addition, the Dual USB-C showcases two ports on the side of the monitor and each USB-C cord can be plugged in and used simultaneously. These ports have several functions such as charging or presenting, and can also complement a dual-screen setup. Its multi-angle stand can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees and the monitor displays 170/170-degree viewing angles, with IPS Panel Technology for easy viewing from almost any angle. Moreover, the Philips 16B1P3302D is equipped with 16:9 Full HD resolution and SmartImage technology for high-contrast and optimizable on-screen imagery, while also offering EasyRead and LowBlue mode to reduce eye strain and provide an easy reading experience. With all of these features in mind, this monitor is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their portable workspace whilst also maintaining the same level of comfort that comes with a traditional office.