“A truly superb addition to any desktop!” – Good review and “Editor’s Choice” award for the Philips 27M1N3200ZA @ eTeknix (UK), a technology and review website and YouTube channel from the UK recently published a review of the Philips 27M1N3200ZA.

The Philips 27M1N3200ZA received the “Editor’s Choice” award!

+ Philips tree kit included in the review sample

+ Attractive design for the price with slim bezels, matte screen, textured casing and cable management

+ Clean, simple branding

+ Stable stand with wide range of height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustments

+ Joystick for the OSD

+ Great colours right out of the box, no calibration required

+ 106% NTSC, 123.9% sRGB, 90.4% AdobeRGB coverage, possible for photo and video grading

+ Good pixel density of 92.5 ppi

+ Pretty potent gaming monitor thanks to snappy response times, low latency and 165 Hz refresh rate

+ AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility

+ Surprisingly potent speakers


– A bit expensive for a Full HD monitor

Verdict: “I absolutely adore this monitor, and in many ways, it’s going to pain me to box it up once I’m done testing it. Personally, I’d have this as my new 2nd monitor in portrait mode, as it works extremely well in this form factor, the stand takes up next to no room, and the panel is a joy overall. That being said, it’s perfectly suitable as a primary monitor too, but my point is, it’s very versatile.

It’s easy for me to forget sometimes just how good Full HD still is. I’m so used to ultrawide, 4K, 2K, and massive screens here, as my job generally has me testing or owning a lot of high-end gear. But stepping down to a smaller panel than I’m used to, and a lower resolution, really wasn’t that much of an issue with the Momentum 3000, as it packs a potent set of features and a high-end level of performance, that it can hold its own against larger and more expensive models.

A Full HD 60 Hz monitor with OK colours can be picked up dirt cheap these days, If all you’re doing it scrolling Facebook, playing solitaire, and looking at the occasional work email, then that’s all you need. However, if you’re a gamer, the benefits of the Momentum 3000 are clear. The fast refresh rate alone is a real game-changer. Plus, you don’t need the latest flagship GPUs to hit high refresh rates at Full HD, meaning you can get high-end gaming thrills on a mid-range system.

While you may not “need” fantastic colour reproduction, once you have it, it’s hard to go back to a lesser panel. Browsing the web, enjoying your family photos, watching YouTube, kicking back with a movie, whatever you do, the vibrant and accurate colours really make this panel dance. It’s great for content creators and great for media consumption, so top marks to Philips on that one.

This Momentum 3000 is a very easy monitor to live with. It’s got decent speakers built-in, the stand takes up very little space on your desk, and it has exceptionally good ergonomic adjustments too. Being able to hook up multiple devices makes it great for those juggling their desktop PC, their work-from-home laptop, and even a games console. It’s a little more expensive than most Full HD monitors, but it delivers a lot more features and performance for your investment too. It’s a truly superb addition to any desktop!

Oh and it comes with free tree seeds, so bonus thumbs up for that!”

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