“Best Buy” award and great review for the Philips Evnia 25M2N3200W @ totallydubbedHD (UK)

totallydubbedHD, a YouTuber/influencer from the UK with 44.6K subscribers, focussed on tech reviews and guides has just published a review of the Philips Evnia 25M2N3200W. The editor titled his review with “A Brilliant 240Hz Gaming Monitor!” and the monitor received the “Best Buy” award! Please check out the product page here.

+ Seriously impressive gaming performance with 240 Hz refresh rate

+ Extremely responsive and fast with just 1.1 ms input lag

+ 5.31 ms response time with Overdrive off, 3.76 ms with Fast Overdrive, 2.99 ms with Faster Overdrive (with minimal overshoot)

+ 1.78 ms response time with Fastest Overdrive exhibit overshoot (inverse ghosting), but worth the trade-off for games like CS:GO

+ Overdrive and MBR separately adjustable

+ AMD FreeSync support

+ HDR10 support

+ sRGB mode doesn’t have brightness lock

+ 99.9% sRGB gamut coverage and 134.5% gamut volume

+ Good brightness range with 313 nits peak brightness and 51 nits minimum brightness

+ High contrast ratio of 3448:1

+ Good brightness uniformity

+ Three side borderless design with a thin bezel, stand made in part with recycled materials

+ Height, tilt, swivel and pivot adjustment

+ Headphone holder and cable management

+ OSD is very comprehensive

+ Price

– With NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility some flicker was observed

– No RGB colour settings

– Adaptive-Sync must be enabled to select sRGB mode, feels a bit odd

– Low colour accuracy in sRGB mode (avg DeltaE of 2.58 and max DeltaE of 6.21)

– OSD is not very intuitive to use at first glance

Verdict: „Quite frankly, this Philips monitor has not got a memorable name, but it’s got an absolute jaw-dropping gaming experience. The overall response time, the input lag, and of course the refresh rate, all combine to do a phenomenal job. Better still, you’re getting a monitor that comes in at just 180 pounds, which is absolutely mind-boggling. Now as a result of all of this I can see myself actively recommending it, and as such, it gets my “Best Buy” award. Now, it is also worth considering, that there is the AOC alternative (25G3ZM/BK) and frankly if I was going to be spending my own money I’d probably side towards the AOC. Why? Because the sRGB gamma clamp actually does its job, whereas at the time of filming, the one with the Philips doesn’t quite do it. However on the flip side, AOC has got a little bit more of that aggressive gaming style with accents, whereas the Philips one looks a little bit more understated and this means that you might want to actually prefer going for the Philips if the sRGB gamut clamp is not that important to you.“