Discover Philips 27 inch all around PC gaming displays

The Philips monitors from M3000 series are designed to optimize for higher performance and better gaming experiences. Each of these monitors is the ultimate solution offering 1ms MPRT response time, no input lag, and flicker-free, making your gaming moments more optimal and enjoyable than ever. Combined with built-in speakers and combability for new next-gen consoles and up to 120hz, Philips Momentum 3000 is the finest product series for any platform of your choosing.

27M1N3200VA, 27M1N3200VS, and 27M1N3200ZA come with a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, VA LCD while 27M1N3200ZA offers the same refresh rates for IPS LCD. Each one of them offers maximum combability support with your GPU through Adaptive Sync, AMD FreeSync:tm: Premium, and G Sync. At the same time, SmartImage Game is featured in 27M1N3200VA, 27M1N3200VS, and 27M1N3200ZA to give you superior image quality while 27M1N3500LS takes things to the next lever with the use of SmartImage Game HDR for improved 4K. Together with Xbox, Philips has developed the ultimate solution for the new Series X consoles and offers a completely new gaming experience for console gaming with its monitors. With Full HD resolution at 120Hz and with up to 4K resolution at 120Hz for 27M1N3500LS, the Momentum series if the next evolution in gaming monitors.

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