“Editor’s Choice” award and 5/5 stars for the Philips 279M1RV @ Tom’s Hardware (UK/US)

tom’s HARDWARE, one of the internationally most visited English language hardware-focussed websites with about 20 million monthly visits, has recently tested the Philips Momentum 279M1RV, published a review including on their UK website and gave it 5/5 stars!

Please note that most of Tom’s Hardware’s monitor testers are based in the US, but the website also has a special UK Edition with quite a substantial UK readership and thus influences buying decisions there.

The tester is really impressed with the monitor: “The Philips Momentum 279M1RV is a bit off the beaten path from mainstream brands but is no less compelling. In fact, it’s one of the best 4K gaming monitors I’ve ever tested; and I’ve tested many.”

The editors recorded following measurements:

  • Full black-to-white transition response time: 7 ms
  • Full black-to-white transition absolute input lag: 29 ms
  • Screen uniformity – average deviation from center: %8.12
  • Maximum brightness: 458 nits
  • Maximum black luminance: 0.45 nits
  • Contrast ratio at max. brightness: 1018.2:1
  • Average grayscale DeltaE 2000: 0.69 (best in the comparison)
  • Average gamma: 2.1457
  • Gamut coverage: 97.27% sRGB, 94.81% DCI-P3
  • Colour gamut error DeltaE 2000, calibrated to 200 nits: 0.97 (best in the comparison) – “This monitor is well-qualified for color-critical work like photography or video editing.”

+ Bright sharp picture

+ Excellent HDR contrast

+ Visually perfect out-of-box color

+ Top-shelf video processing

+ Monolithic build quality

(+) High peak brightness in SDR (450 nits) and HDR (measured up to 800 nits)

(+) High DCI-P3 coverage (95%), near-perfect sRGB mode

(+) Three HDMI 2.1 ports, KVM switch, USB-C port and 4-port USB 3.2 hub

(+) Very precise and some of the smoothest pixel overdrive settings

(+) Integrated 5W speakers with DTS

(+) Ambiglow lighting

(+) Support for latest-gen consoles

(+) Stylish design with semi-matte gray and premium & high-end feel

(+) Full ergonomics including height adjustment

(+) Very thin bezels

(+) PbP mode

– No flaws of consequence

(-) Only 16 dimming zones – not quite the dynamic contrast of FALD displays

(-) Only 3 brightness levels of Ambiglow

Please find the full review here.

Congratulations, MMD!