Endless possibilities in one – Philips Monitors B1 Line

Having the option of customization has always been something that could catch customers attention. Consumers expect more companies to satisfy their specific needs, and provide what is better for them that fits their preferences. There is something powerful and enhancing in being able to customize one’s technological purchase: from selecting the ideal design, to adding the more valuable features and any extras enhancing one’s user experience… the perfect device is a few clicks away; and luckily, the same goes for monitors.

Millennials are particularly attracted to the idea of customization. Paired with Gen Z, they have grown up surrounded by technology and highly personalized tech experiences, so they “naturally expect it in every possible setting in their lives” . Philips monitors embraced this trend (and this kind of empowering feeling) meeting needs of home and office users alike. One design, multiple technology choices, multiple usage: Philips Monitors B1 Line.

Reliable and comfortable

What makes the B line the true standard of extraordinary model of future displays is not only the good picture quality Philips users are used to, but also the option of combining a variety of technologies within the same design. With the easiness to use and reliability, the neat lines and robust components are at the heart of this specific range, making the flagship recognizable at a glance. Once the base it’s down, you can add in more.

The first models included in this Line is the Philips 242B1 and Philips 275B1. Sporting features to improve sustainability such as Light Sensors and Power Sensors, the monitors really help to boost productivity in a way that saves energy at the same time. Also, visuals have not been forgotten: the IPS screen with FHD ensures clarity and comfort, while SmartImage analyses the content displayed and optimises its performance. This is a great solution for those who spend a lot of time in front of the monitor, it features Flicker-Free technology and LowBlue Mode for easy-on-the-eye productivity, and EasyRead mode for a paper-like reading experience. All of these features are the foundation that build up the strong functionality of all the monitors mention here.

Green inside out

Particularly suitable for ecologically minded professionals and home users, Philips 242B1G (23.8″ / 60.5 cm diag.) is the eco-friendly monitor that delivers a new level of power saving with the ease of use and visual comfort that characterizes the whole B Line. In addition to the Power Sensor and LightSensor, this model helps reducing users’ carbon footprint thanks to the Zero Power Switch: at the flick of the 0-watt hard switch, users can completely cut off their monitor from AC power, resulting in zero power consumption. All eco-conscious users will appreciate this monitor, as it is truly green and sustainable inside out and perfectly aligns with their values without compromising on performance and comfort. It is also available in 27 inches (Philips 272B1G).

True privacy and pop-up webcams

When working closely with other people on sensitive data, privacy becomes a must; the Philips 242B1V provides with the right solution. Designed to help professionals protecting data and contents from onlookers without compromising on productivity and comfort, it instantly protects privacy with an easy switchable privacy mode. This Philips Privacy Mode offers an integrated solution for privacy without the hassle of the clumsy screen protectors. By simply pressing a button, the screen appears dark and barely visible from both sides, while keeping clear visuals at the center. This prevents visual hacking by hiding the screen from people around in open offices and coworking stations, in complete comfort.

If you need privacy, but mainly linked to a discreet and secure pop-up webcam, then the Philips 242B1H and Philips 275B1H is all you need. A webcam is a must-have for both professionals and home users to work with colleagues or enjoy video calls with friends and family but can be a real concern in terms of privacy. Phillips’ innovative webcam pops up when you need it and securely tucks back into the monitor when you are not using it, preventing un-authorized access to your business or home stuff. The webcam is also equipped with advanced sensors for Windows Hello™ facial recognition, which conveniently logs you into your Windows devices in less than 2 seconds, 3 times faster than a password.

From great connectivity come great possibilities

Both at home and at office alike, connectivity is key: it allows smoother work flow and provides next level efficiency. The B1 Line offers the latest USB-C in its Philips 243B1 and Philips 276B1 model, which combine a high-quality and versatile display handy docking station built-in with power delivery. Thanks to an intelligent and flexible power management, you can power charge your devices directly while transferring the data. Moreover, using a single slim, reversible cable USB-C allows for easy connection. You can then, enjoy a high-resolution video while safely transferring data at super speed, while powering and recharging your compatible device.

A bit of everything

When connectivity, privacy and security are all key – no user should compromise on one. There’s a model in B Line that’s a true powerhouse of features to ensure a comfortable and secure productivity. The Philips 243B1JH and Philips 276B1JH offer hybrid USB docking to simplify connections (offering one USB dual mesh cable with Type C and A connectors delivers video, Ethernet, power-charge and DisplayLink) and a pop-up webcam equipped with advanced sensors for Windows Hello™ facial recognition. This is the ideal solution for those looking for a monitor providing with comprehensive connectivity, comfort, and security – whether it’s for complex set-ups, crowded offices, or co-working open-plan spaces.

The youngest will surely love how customizable this Line is, but professionals and entrepreneurs could as well feel the need of such a variety of options at work, maybe more than anyone else. They can now fully equip their offices with monitors that have a similar design, same quality but capable to fully support all specific needs each employee has, for open spaces that look as neat as possible.