Excellent review for Philips 27M1N5200PA @ Tech Dalykai (LT)

Lithuania’s popular tech YouTuber, Tech Dalykai, published a monitor review about the Philips 27M1N5200PAwhich received excellent results. According to the tester the monitor is best suited for gaming.


+  Clean design

+  Metal stand which is compact

+  Ergonomics

+  VESA mount

+  Comfortable menu controls with one button

+  Integrated speakers could be useful for casual use

+  Connectivity

+  AMD FreeSync Premium

+  240 Hz @ 1 ms GtG

+  Even not so high FHD resolution is enough for games on 27-inch screen

+  Only very minor ghosting


–  None

Verdict: “Overall, I really like this Philips monitor, it produces a nice and fast picture and the design is very clean, but I would only use it for gaming. If you only use the monitor for gaming and only occasionally do other things like homework, then the Philips 27M1N5200PA is a very good choice.”

Please find the full review here.