FIFA 19: How to fight input lag

FIFA 19: How to make the best of your gaming experience

You want to be at the top of your game and finally master FIFA 19? We will show you how!

Enjoying a nice evening with FIFA 19 can be one of the most enjoyable or the most frustrating of experiences. The mood can turn sour real fast when you’ve hit the button to flank but your striker reacts way too late. Or worse, does nothing at all.
Every millisecond is crucial in FIFA 19 and can make all the difference. It’s therefore important to have a good setup that helps to boost your performance.

Why TVs actually hold you back

Your new 4K TV might have brilliant colours but there is one big issue: TVs are not designed to play video games on. They are meant for passive entertainment like movies and TV shows but have clear downsides when it comes to competitive video games.

An important factor is that they have a very slow reaction time compared to a monitor. Reaction time is the time between you pressing a button and the TV showing the result. Any disruptive delay between those two, is called input lag. Input lag is usually very high with TVs since they are not meant for gaming.

When you are watching a movie, it does not matter how long it takes for the TV to react to your actions. But when you’re playing, every single input matters.

Additionally, as soon as there is a lot of action going on, the gameplay starts to get blurry, which might even result in you not seeing the ball properly when it comes to FIFA. This is why a lot of monitors feature something called “Free Sync”. It avoids pixels tear and supports a smooth and clear gameplay experience for Xbox players.

How the right monitor can change your life

For movies and T

V Shows all of this might be fine, but with video games a sleek setup is crucial.  Your setup is supposed to help transfer your skill into the game instead of holding you back which a TV can do. Performance is especially important when you are playing competitively against other people.

So instead of a big chunky TV, the smart choice is to play on a monitor. There’s a reason that all big FIFA competitions are being played on high performance monitors instead of TVs. Even professional players prefer monitors over TVs.

A perfect example is the Philips Momentum. This monitor has been specifically created to help console gamers boost their performance.

The Philips Momentum has low input lag, which means your FIFA players react immediately after you’ve selected them. On top of that, the monitor shines with a refresh rate of 60 Hz which is perfect for console gaming. Everything above would be a waste since most consoles are unable to put out more. This leads to more pictures per second, which in the end translates to a smooth visual experience for competitive console gaming.