First impressions with a stable, multi-adjustable monitor: the Philips 242B9TL @ YouTuber 24/7 TopTipp (DACH)

24/7 TopTipp, the practical and long-term test YouTube channel with 14,000 subscribers on home office, air conditioning, fitness, gaming, barista, eMobility and more, has received the Philips 242B9TL. Before he puts it through its paces in a practical check under special conditions of use, he reports on his first impressions in this video. He was particularly taken with the stable monitor base, which allows the display to be adjusted in a variety of directions.

It is also nice that he mentions his work with AOC models, with which he is very satisfied.

Philips 242B9TL


(+) Multidimensionally adjustable display

(+) Solid, stable monitor base

(+) Extensive connection options

(+) Very good 10-point touch functionality

(+) Very good picture

(+) Scratch-resistant, waterproof and anti-reflective surface


(-) Expectedly mediocre sound