“Good” rating and Grade 2.25 for Philips 498P9Z @ PC Welt (DACH)

PC Welt, a German print and online magazine from the renowned IDG publishing house has published one of the first reviews of the Philips 498P9Z on their website. The monitor received a “Good” rating and the grade 2.25 (lower is better)!


+ Convincing gaming performance

+ 32:9 screen

+ Ergonomic adjustment options

+ Real power switch and KVM switch

(+) 120% sRGB and 91% DCI-P3 coverage

(+) 4 ms GtG response time

(+) Better than two monitors side-by-side due to lack of panel borders

(+) No tearing, blur or noticeable input lag

(+) High brightness, high contrast and neutral colour reproduction

(+) Brightness uniformity

(+) Rich connectivity with USB hub


– High power consumption

– Expensive

Test grade:                             Good (2.25)

Price-performance:                 Expensive

Picture quality (45%):                2.00

Screen quality (15%):                2.47

Equipment (15%):                     3.41

Handling (10%):                        2.00

Power consumption (10%): 2.19

Service (5%):                           1.09

Revaluation:                             5.00 (KVM switch, power switch)

Verdict: „The Philips 498P9Z/00 is interesting for gamers who like to play with two monitors, as the ultra-wide 32:9 screen replaces two WQHD models placed side by side. Picture quality and gaming performance are at an above-average level, with the 49-incher also mastering very fast games with its high maximum frame rate of 165 Hertz. The ergonomic adjustment options allow individual adaptation to the location. Power consumption, on the other hand, is high, as is the price of around 1145 euros.“

Please find the full review here.