Hogwarts Legacy, Deliver Us Mars, Oddballers & Philips Momentum, and Review of Philips Momentum 32M1N5800A and story time!

The Swedish podcast producer Milky Logic Productions has reviewed the Philips Momentum 32M1N5800A on their podcast GOTY and posted a connected review video on their YouTube channel. They highlight the discreet design, the great resolution, and the many ports. The only criticism is that the button for settings on the back of the monitor is a bit difficult to reach. Please check out the product page here.


  • Stable and premium construction
  • Easy to tilt and pivot
  • Good design, suitable also for business
  • 4K and great resolution with high refresh rate
  • Good amount of ports
  • Reasonable price
  • HDMI-cable and DisplayPort-cable included


  • A bit heavy
  • Button for settings sits a bit too high up on the back of the monitor