How Philips monitors help you lead a more sustainable life

No matter which industry you work in, what kind of habits and interests you have, everything we do in our day-to-day life has an impact on the planet. Consumers increasingly demand higher transparency of companies’ sustainability practices and more than ever looking for products with sustainability credentials. From materials and packaging to the strength and integrity of a supply chain, companies are leveraging any opportunity to embed sustainable practices across their businesses.

MMD, the leading display specialist and brand license partner for Philips monitors, is constantly looking for new ways to improve individuals’ well-being through meaningful innovations. Thus, MMD is constantly committed to market more energy efficient technologies and green products and solutions.

Philips monitors has embraced a sustainable approach for years now, setting ambitious targets for their innovations, products, and solutions. All the products are designed with an ecologically sustainable life cycle in mind.

Optimizing energy efficiency

Philips monitors empower ecologically minded customers by offering energy-efficient products without sacrificing performances. Given its dedication to a sustainable future, Philips monitors bring to the market green technologies, among which stands out the PowerSensor.

The built-in “people sensor” detects the absence of the user via harmless infrared signals and automatically reduces monitor brightness when the user steps away, cutting energy costs by up to 70 percent.

Besides PowerSensor, LightSensor technology adjusts picture brightness depending on the light conditions in the room, and Zero Power consumption mode aims to put an end to the latent energy consumption at the simple flick of the 0-watt hard switch.

Eco-friendly packaging

Besides the monitors themselves, Philips monitors also pay attention to the packaging. We try our best to reduce or eliminate some toxic substances from the package materials – some selected models use up to 85% post-consumer recycled plastics that are 100% recyclable. Because plastic packaging can be made of multiple polymers and numerous additives that are harmful to our health, it might also contain residues from substances used during manufacturing such as solvents, along with non-intentionally added substances like impurities and contaminant products. Therefore, many of the boxes the monitors come in with are 100% recyclable paper cushions, or the packaging materials that are non-EPE. This not only reduces waste, but also eliminates any fees needed for the disposal of non-recyclable packaging.

Philips monitor forest in Tanzania

In 2020, we took the commitment of sustainability a step further – Philips monitors are donating a forest in the framework of a reforestation campaign in Tanzania, in collaboration with ForestNation, a foundation that encourages natural reforestation and biodiversity through applying site-specific agroforestry techniques.

With each purchase of one Philips green displays, customers automatically support the growth of the Philips monitors forest as a portion of the profits is donated. The initiative also gives the opportunity to easily plant additional trees (€0.30 per Tree) via the Philips monitors forest’s page ,  with a free tree kit that is a 100% compostable kit containing everything you need to grow your own tree at home. If you register the tree online, you will get an extra seed to plant as well. And for every tree kit, an additional 10 trees of the same kind are planted – so that means if you purchase 10 trees and receive a tree kit, there will be in total 10 (originally planted) + 10 (from the kit) + 1 seed = 21 trees in total!

In addition to all mentioned above, to encourage the reforestation even more, if you register to ForestNation page of Philips monitors and share a unique link with relatives, friends and colleagues, for every 10 clicks, 1 additional tree is planted. So far, Philips monitors have pledged to keep planting at least 50.000 trees – and add more to the growing forest with every green monitor sold. For more Philips forest campaign page:

Sustainability is a key element around Philips monitors, it’s reflected in the monitors portfolio from eco-packaging to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. MMD strives to improve people’s quality of life through meaningful innovation and aimed to achieve that by using our planet’s limited resources in a sustainable way.