How to choose a monitor for leisure

Choosing a monitor could be a tricky task. Every feature of a monitor can make a difference and have an impact on your PC use experience. If you don’t have a clear picture of what a monitor can offer to improve your life – at work or for leisure – we are here to help!

Let’s go through the many features and specifications you should consider, to be sure you are buying the right display.

Firstly, you must think about the purpose for which you are buying the monitor. All displays have basic technologies that help in daily routine, but there are some key features that can make the difference in your off time.


When it comes to watching movies and series, visual features are the ones that count. IPS displays come with an advanced technology for extra-wide viewing angles, while the Ultra-Wide-Color Technology delivers a wider spectrum of colours.

You may probably think that vivid image and brilliant colours are enough for entertainment, but you could ask more. Design for example, could really matter: imagine how a zero-bezel monitor can make your desk look stylish. Not to mention the wider viewing angle it provides – the picture in front of you will be as satisfying as you would like.


We all know that PC gaming experience is different from Console one, therefore the monitors must be looked at differently as no compromises are allowed when playing.

Let’s speak about PC gaming monitors. Every gameplay must be as fluid as possible, so one needs to make sure that monitors feature a technology like the AMD FreeSync™ Premium which guarantees high refresh rate. Then, two more elements are key: refresh rates and response time. A 144 Hz refresh rates and 1 ms (MPRT) fast response offers you a quick and lag-free image that will enhance your gaming experience and make it sure you don’t miss any detail.

Are you a console gamer? First things to look at are input lag and refresh rate. Low input lag means you will receive visual feedback with minimal latency while a 120Hz refresh rate provides ultra-smooth images. Now, you just need to sit and immerse yourself in the glow. But image quality is key as well. A 4K UHD resolution will provide you clear and precise contents, and the bigger the screen is, the better your experience will be. Last but not least, when gaming, audio needs to help immersing you in the atmosphere, so double check for the perfect sound quality to really feel that race or stadium roaring for you – to get the most realistic experience ever. Do you like eSport FPS, Action or Racing titles? Go look for a monitor optimized for eSports!

MMD is here to help with a simple but straight forward infographic. The right Philips monitors for every need, just follow the lines and you will the monitors that fit your needs.