“Is THAT still a monitor?” Philips Momentum 558M1RY

Germany’s, an influencer and popular YouTuber with 133k subscribers, recently published a video review of the Philips 558M1RY and gave it a positive feedback. He comes to the conclusion that “the monitor is an awesome monitor because of the features it provides”.

+ Peak brightness incl. HDR

+ High colour fidelity

+ Ambiglow is top-notch

+ FreeSync and G-SYNC can be used

+ 120 Hz without input lag (smooth gameplay)

+ Great images

+ Sound of B&W speakers is very good

+ Many features (crosshairs etc.)

+ USB hub available


– On the console you only get 4K resolution at 60 Hz (because you connect via HDMI 2.0) – HDMI 2.1 would be better

– Local dimming is supported and is good, but not perfect

Verdict: “PC gaming is better than console gaming, because with the console you cannot benefit from all the features (like 4K at 120 Hz). I have played some games and with all of them I could benefit from the 120 Hz, with this the gameplay is nicer and smoother. However, you can’t play all games on the monitor, but this is due to the scaling of the games. The Ambiglow gives you a great gaming experience. A big bonus on top: the speakers blow away your face a bit, they are super loud and the sound is clean. For me it’s an almost perfect allround system because I can just put it up as it is, have a really thick fat soundbar that goes boom and has a clean and precise sound. The Ambiglow is the perfect finishing touch.”

Please find the full review video (in German) here.