Making the leap to 4k in gaming (next generation of consoles is in the pipeline)

Videogames keep evolving. Characters look dazzlingly lifelike, realms are expanding, environments bear more details – the worlds become more realistic and vibrant than ever before.

Why a better monitor increases your performance

When playing on a console, switching from a TV to a monitor is especially beneficial when it comes to competitive games. Whether you play a shooter that demands high precision or a match of FIFA where you need super quick reactions – your equipment has to convert your physical reaction into your avatar’s movement in real time. The Philips Momentum has very low input lag, giving you an instant response on the screen.

With such a fast response rate, the effect of ghosting is practically eliminated. Ghosting refers to a disrupting effect when an object changes its position. The screen is too slow to catch up. Even though the object is already at a different place, you still see it at the old spot, like its ghost.

Also, you simply have a better overview over the pitch or battlefield on the 43” screen. The UHDA certified DisplayHDR 1000 adds to the improved image quality by portraying bright and dark scenes more realistically. With 1.07 billion display shades, the colour space gets expanded as well. Imagine the versatile world of the Witcher 3 with all its details. Each environment differs and the game has a range of dark, gloomy settings, but also vivid and colourful areas. When wandering through luminous green forest or climbing enormous ice- and snow-covered mountains, they player can completely dive into the world and feel like the character himself.

Improved: everything

The Adaptive Sync SmartResponse ensures that your action is running smoothly on high frames per seconds, preventing tearing. Screen tearing occurs when your monitor displays two or more frames at once. On less advanced screens, the top half may show a different frame than the lower half – the picture is torn. With AdaptiveSync, the refresh rate of the display adapts to the framerate of the graphic card, erasing this issue entirely.

Playstation 5 – next level gaming

With the new generation of consoles approaching, your gear has to catch up. The upcoming Playstation 5 features a 4k resolution with up to 120 Hz refresh rate. This rate shows how many times per second the display refreshes the image, and a higher refresh rate helps to decrease blur and input lag. With the Philips Momentum and its 3.840 x 2.160 resolution with 60 Hz, you can enjoy sharper visuals and more responsive plays.

But a 4k monitor is not only beneficial for competitive games. A monitor with 4k resolution portrays an image with four times more pixels than a Full HD one. As a result, the image is four times sharper and makes way more details visible and clear. Casual gamers can explore flawless looking landscapes, have dialogues with lifelike characters and experience photorealistic action. The gameplay becomes much more true to life and lets you easily sink into the virtual worlds.

Take the next step of gaming by upgrading your gear with the Philips Momentum. New worlds and experiences are waiting for you.