Press release

New SuperWide Philips Monitor is Released with an Aim to Replace a Dual Screen Setup

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – 28 March 2023- This monitor combines two desktops in one.

On 28 March 2023, the new Philips monitor, 45B1U6900C, will be available to the public with an aim to facilitate workflow. The Philips 45B1U6900C is equipped with a large, 44.5-inch (113 cm. diagonal) screen with 5120 x 1440 resolution and several other features that are designed to aid professionals’ multitasking, such as: USB-C docking with RJ45, a 32:9 SuperWide screen, and a curved display with viewing angles of 178/178 degrees. For more information, check out the product here.

Increasing Workflow Productivity
Instead of having two separate monitors, the Philips 45B1U6900C’s 44.5-inch screen and 32:9 SuperWide ratio allows professionals to easily open multiple windows and have an extrawide perspective for viewing video content. In addition, the monitor’s Curved VA Display produces wide, 178/178-degree viewing angles and 1500R curvature for crisp, high-contrast imagery and an overall more immersive experience.

Another important feature to note for making your workspace better is the USB-C Docking with RJ45. With this docking system, professionals are able to connect to the network with RJ45, set up power delivery to their connected device, experience high-resolution video output, and connect an external device for high-speed data transfer.

Additional Features for Philips 45B1U6900C
In addition to USB-C docking, the Philips 45B1U6900C also has many other features that can help professionals complete their daily tasks. These include, but are not limited to: Display HDR 400 for VESA certified, high-quality coloring on screen, a headphone hook for easy stowage, and MultiClient Integrated KVM for controlling a two PC setup on the same monitor. Not to mention, the monitor’s TUV Rheinland Eyesafe RPF 50 certification ensures protection against blue light-induced eye strain with its everpresent blue light filter on the display. For more information, check out the product here.

Philips 45B1U6900C Availability
For professionals aiming to aid workflow productivity, the Philips 45B1U6900C monitor is ideal for meeting those needs. For more information, check out the product here.

The monitor will be available for purchase on March and at a price of € 1.089,00.