Optimizing your WFH office

Working from home is hardly a new phenomenon, but recently it became an unplanned requirement for many workers and offices, and gradually will become the norm. In these circumstances, one of the biggest challenges of smart working is setting up a home office with the right equipment, from the hardware to the connection, from good lighting to a suitable base and much more besides.

Setting up a work-from-home station that takes productivity, efficiency, comfort and multitasking as the essences of a proficient and fulfilling work experience at home is crucial. In this direction, we summarized three perspectives to achieve the goal, here are some useful tips.


Connectivity is improving the productivity and ease of working at home. The newest frontier, USB-C, is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data. Single and simple, this practical way to carry different signals on the same cable would better your work life: the display signal and high-speed data are transferred via USB-C (DisplayPort alternate mode), while simultaneously powering and charging the laptop (USB Power Delivery). This is exactly the smart and handy solution you can find in a wide range of Philips monitors with USB-C docking, combining a high-quality display  and a built-in docking station in a newfangled monitor designed to bring greater simplicity to your WFH setup.

A KVM Switch is another simple hack that one might need to boost efficiency, save space and money by allowing the user to use multiple computers with one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse. A monitor featuring a MultiClient Integrated KVM switch, allows one to control two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse setup or sharing one large monitor to show two different PCs, for example, the Philips 499P9H and 346P1CRH.


In this new era of working smartly, choosing the ultimate solution that helps you to maintain same proficiency as at working from office is of the utmost importance. Jumping from a videoconference to a brainstorming session, attending a training and working on multiple tasks at the same time… The key to stay productive is to choose the right tools that can help you avoid distractions. A big screen monitor can be the right call to keep our focus within one glance. Having everything you need clearly and well organized and displayed on one screen will help keeping your attention in one place. To name one solution, the Philips 498P9 monitor is designed to offer a distraction-free visualization and more comfort to the eyes with its 49” curved display.


Last but not least, being mindful of posture while seating in front of your desk is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To get a good set up you should in fact also focus on ergonomics, starting from the way you sit, to all other adjustments like monitor height, mouse and keyboard position, as well as ensuring there are short breaks in between. To keep an eye on your wellness, a range of Philips monitors are equipped with a few ergonomic doozies: tilts, swivel, pivot and smart stands. In addition, Philips designed its own ergonomic technology: the SmartErgoBase, a height-adjustable, pivot, swivel and tilt stand designed to allow you to place the monitor at the ideal viewing distance and position for an ergonomically friendly work-from-home station.


Again, take a few breaks during the working day go a long way towards improving concentration and creating a more creative environment for getting your job done. What can you do during your breaks? Take a deep breath, snack on, zoom your mates, or challenge yourself to your favorite videogame. To be properly multitasking you simply need an all-round monitor with the best features, design and performances for studying, working and gaming. Philips recently announced its E Line PC gaming monitors, a brand new series studied to meet today’s consumers requests: people want one product fitting all tasks, from working to watching films to playing games. These new Philips’ monitors allow modern users to easily switch from work to entertainment in a jiffy thanks to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.

Beyond connectivity, productivity and ergonomics, some tech essentials might also be needed while working remotely. First and foremost, a reliable internet connection, together with a businesslike laptop and ergonomic peripherals are crucial. The right technology set-up will make work life easier and more comfortable, no matter if it’s the collaboration with colleagues, managing different tasks, it will be able to dramatically improve your work productivity at home, devoting the fair portion of your time and energy into your job.