Philips 172B9TL review: when LCD is also touchscreen

Social and Tech, title dedicated to the world of technology, reviewed the Philips 172B9TL, a touchscreen monitor appreciated for its solidity and quality of materials, as well as its smooth and precise interaction with the screen. The product is judged more suitable for a work environment and less so for a consumer or home environment.

After the description of what the monitor looks like and what accessories are equipped with, the journalist Federico Grigolini focuses on the aesthetics of the Philips 172B9TL highlighting the solidity and the quality materials that give the hardware reliability and durability. Also appreciated the adjustable pedestal.
The touchscreen, the characteristic feature of this monitor, is judged performing both finger and passive stylus and, thanks to Projected 10-point capacitive touch technology, the user can have a smooth and quick response. On the connectivity side, the journalist highlights the various ports available and describes the speakers as not too powerful but suitable for the monitor’s functionality. Also appreciated are the image rendering and anti-glare coating.
In conclusion, the reporter is satisfied with the monitor for its solidity, touchscreen accuracy, and precise color rendering. However, he finds the monitor more suitable for a working environment such as hospitals, stores, and hotels and less for consumer or home environment.

Pro & cons



  • Little versatility