Philips 243B1JH is “The best all-in-one monitor for Mac mini for home working” @ T3 (UK)

T3, a globally active website with about 10 million monthly visitors, mainly from the US and the UK, featuring content ranging from technology and gaming to fitness and lifestyle, recently published an article titled “Best monitors for Mac mini 2022” and included the Philips 243B1JH in the seventh place. The Philips 243B1JH is also titled as the “The best all-in-one monitor for Mac mini for home working”!

+ Strong display for the money

+ Small without being too small

+ Built-in webcam

– Full HD only

Verdict: „If you’re looking for something simple to set up, straightforward to use, with useful connectivity, reasonably compact, and not too draining on your bank account, this Philips is an excellent option.

It’s not up there with the big hitters in this guide for image quality and brightness – in this company, Full HD resolution and 250 nits of brightness put it behind the best displays here – but you’re getting a good quality IPS panel with strong colours, plenty of connectivity, and even a built-in webcam that pops out of the top that’s pretty good quality.

If your idea for buying a monitor is that you want something just as space-saving as the Mac mini, it’s ideal – and has the full range of ergonomic adjustments, still.“

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