Philips 243B9H & 279C9 are the “best 1080p display for home office and gaming in 2022 @ ExpertReviews (UK), a highly visited technology website with about 2 million monthly visits from one of the biggest publishing houses in the UK (Dennis Publishing), has recently published an article titled “Best monitor 2022: Top displays for home office and gaming” and included the Philips 243B9H in the first place as the “Best 1080p monitor” and Philips 279C9 among their selection of six monitors.

Philips 243B9H: Best 1080p monitor

Verdict: “The Philips 243B9H is a cracking productivity monitor with a small 1080p panel, a flexible stand, a built-in webcam and an appealing price. It also has a USB-C port that supports file transfers, video transmission and charging, which means the 243B9H is one of the more affordable ways to enjoy the benefits of USB-C.

The panel is great for the price, producing 90% of the sRGB colour gamut with low colour variance and an impressive contrast ratio of 1,230:1 when tested in default mode. The peak luminance is decent, too, and the colour temperature in default mode hit 6600K, which means virtually no red/blue tint. It uses IPS technology, so viewing angles are strong, and response times are decent at 4ms grey-to-grey (G2G). Pair that with a 75Hz refresh rate and you’ve got a halfway decent budget gaming monitor.

The stand pivots, swivels and tilts, and it also offers 150mm of height adjustment, so you’re well equipped to deal with posture problems. And the pop-up 2MP Windows Hello webcam is a lovely bonus in this remote-working age. The webcam won’t win any awards, and the speakers aren’t much to shout about either, but at this price it’s very hard to find any other faults.”

Please find the full review of the Philips 243B9H, published August 2021 here.

Philips 279C9: An impressive all-rounder for work and gaming

Verdict: “The Philips 279C9 takes the formula established by other 4K monitors on this list and adds a couple of uncommon features into the mix for good measure. It does so at a competitive price point, too, which is no mean feat given what’s on offer here. This 27in IPS monitor supports a rudimentary form of HDR: it’s not exactly going to blow your mind, but we noticed an improvement in colour vibrancy all the same. It also supports AMD FreeSync technology for reducing screen tearing when gaming. These things are noteworthy simply because they aren’t commonly found on office monitors; if you’re a casual gamer with a good rig that you’ve ended up reluctantly using very often for work, the 279C9 caters for you. […] The downsides? The lack of speakers is a bit of a pain, and it’s also worth noting that although this monitor does support 75Hz refresh rates at lower resolutions, when gaming at 4K it’s locked to 60Hz. Otherwise, this is a fiercely good-value monitor for just about any scenario.”

Please find the full review of the Philips 279C9, published March 2021 here.