Philips 272E1GAJ Review @ GadgetSpeak

GadgetSpeak, a website from the UK that reviews a wide range of appliances and gadgets, has tested the Philips 272E1GAJ and published a positive review. Overall, the monitor received 4.5/5 smileys (92/100 points) and the website’s Highly Commended award!

+ 27 inch panel size

+ Excellent speaker quality with speakers facing down

+ Good amount of back and forward tilt

+ HDMI and DP ports

+ Good brightness, contrast and sharpness

+ Multiple picture colour modes

+ Very good for gaming thanks to 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time

+ “A” class energy rating

– None

Verdict: „This is a 27inch flat panel 1920×1080 that shows everything just that little bit larger, it also has something that most other flat panels do not have, a decent set of speakers so external speakers should not be required. […] This has a fast 144Hz 1ms refresh rate so ideal for those who are into gaming. […] They also do a similar model at 24inches that would also be an excellent all round unit […] “

Please find the full review here.