Philips 27B1U5601H got an 85/100 from CHIP, important IT publication in Turkey

CHIP, one of the most important IT publications in Turkey recently published a review on the Philips 27B1U5601H, getting a rating of 85/100. Some of the affordances this monitor offers are an ergonomic stand, quality built-in speaker and microphone and many ports, which make this monitor one of the best choices for work both at home or in the office. For more information about the Philips 27B1U5601H monitor, please click here


+ Vivid and sharp panel

+ Ergonomic stand

+ 5MP webcam

+ Quality built-in speaker and microphone

+ Wide range of connection options

+ KVM switch

(+) PowerSensor and LightSensor

(+) PiP and PbP modes

(+) LowBlue mode

(+) Rich USB hub with USB-C with 100 W PD, RJ45 input, 4-port USB hub


– The stand takes up too much space

– No HDR

Verdict: „Yes, to summarise, the Philips 27B1U5601 is a nice option for general office work and playing casual games. The screen is crisp and sharp enough, and it has plenty of ports, including USB-C, which will be needed in a working environment. There’s also a built-in webcam, speakers and microphone, all important components that can save a worker a lot of extra expense. Moreover, these are not just added components, they are very high quality. In this sense, it is a complete monitor.“

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