Philips 329P9H is the “Best office monitor” @ CHIP (DACH)

Germany’s widely known CHIP magazine recently published an article titled “The best office monitor: The strongest overall package in the test comes from Philips” and showcased the Philips 329P9H.

Further down the article also lists “Five best office monitors” and references their best-of list, which includes Philips 329P9H in the first place, and the Philips 439P9H in the fifth place!

Please note CHIP published a very similar article back in May this year, in their special issue titled “The best hardware for home office”, in which they published an article titled “Large monitors with high resolution” and included the Philips 329P9H.

Verdict: “”In the test, the Philips P-Line 329P9H scored well thanks to good measurements and excellent features, securing a top place in our best office monitors list. The device not only has two HDMI and one Displayport connection, but also a USB input and four outputs. However, the highlight, besides the integrated webcam, is the USB-C hub with its LAN port. This makes the monitor a perfect replacement for a docking station. Only the energy efficiency is rather mediocre.”

Please find the full article here.