Philips 558M1RY is “The best MASSIVE 4K gaming monitor” @ (UK)

PC GAMER, an online website from the UK’s Future Publishing, focussed on PC gaming and with over 22 million visits/month recently published an article titled “Best 4K gaming monitors in 2022” and included the Philips Momentum 558M1RY in 5th place.


+ TV scale but with DisplayPort

+ Bright and colourful

+ Built-in B&W soundbar



– Some inverse ghosting

Verdict: „I am utterly entranced by the sheer scale and majesty of Philips’ 55-inch monitor behemoth. Outside of Nvidia’s abortive BFGDs, there is no other PC monitor that can match this monster. But despite its impressive size and speed, there are still shortcomings which, while they’re not deal-breakers, do need to be considered.

But first the good. This 4K VA panel rocks up with a DisplayHDR 1000 certificate, and the ability to render its 3840×2160 native resolution at speeds of up to 120Hz. Sadly, for console gamers, its HDMI version is only 2.0 and so your next-gen game boxes will be restricted to 4K/60. The Series X will hit 120Hz at 1440p, however, although the PS5 still neglects that option.

For us PC folk, that’s no issue, as the Philips display supports DisplayPort 1.4 so we can get the full 4K res at a zippy 120Hz. Coupled with its bright, vibrant panel, that makes the screen great for smooth 4K gaming. And I’m still smitten by Philips’ Ambilight technology, which rings the back of the display with RGB LEDs that can alter hues individually to match their corresponding color on the panel itself.

My only real reservations surround some of the response settings. To make the large panel responsive Philips offers different levels of SmartResponse, but the more aggressive you get on those settings the more inverse ghosting you tend to get on high contrast moving images. Playing FIFA at 4K and I could notice issues around the edges of players. But if you’re smashing through Doom Eternal, however, it’s just going to be the smooth motion and vibrant colors that stand out. That and the gibs, obvs. “

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