Philips Brilliance 346P1CRH is a curved monitor great for work and play

Tech Advisor, a tech focussed website from the UK’s renowned IDG publishing house published recently a review of the Philips 346P1CRH. The monitor received 4.5/5 stars and their “Recommended” award.

The tester titled the review with: “Philips Brilliance 346P1CRH is a curved monitor great for work and play”.

Verdict: “Overall, the colour and contrast available here is much better than I was expecting, and it borders on being useful to those that work with colour. […]

The undoubted highlight of this solution is the inbuilt KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch, which when combined with PIP (picture-in-picture) enables a single screen with two computers but a single mouse and keyboard without any additional hardware. You could easily spend more than half the cost of the 346P1CRH on just a KVM and docking station alone, making its relatively low price even more compelling. When you factor the quality of construction and parts, the argument for getting one of these is even stronger. While not everyone wants or needs a screen this large, for those that do the Philips Brilliance 346P1CRH is a remarkably useful piece of equipment that is surprisingly cheap. […]

While the 346P1CRH isn’t perfect or for everyone, it is a competent screen with lots of appeal for gamers and business users alike. Its support stand might have been better designed, but in other respects the Philips Brilliance 346P1CRH has some unique features that are ideal for those that use multiple computers or a laptop at work. The combination of features also make it a compelling monitor for gaming, too.“

Please find the full review here.