Philips headsets: How to Pair and Charge.

Sound is one of the most important aspects of our everyday lives: it is a primary source of information, since most of us communicate verbally. With the rise of work from home and online learning globally, the market intercepted a strong demand for immersive virtual collaborations[1], offering solutions for all needs.

But sound is also a medium of entertainment, and good sound quality has an impact on the quality of our free time. In gaming, it has two main added values. In single-player games, sound helps making the world come alive, making the game experience feel more real and immersive. In multi-player titles, sound is a winning card: it allows to hear enemies, before seeing them.

Philips Monitors has a couple of gaming headsets designed for gamers seeking the ideal combination of comfort and superior sound performance: the wired Philips TAG4106 and the wireless Philips TAG5106. Both equipped with DTS Headphone:X 2.0 next-gen 7.1 channel surround sound technology, they deliver enhanced bass rendering, audio clarity, and proximity cues, as well as a new level of distance awareness that differentiates between near-field and far-field audio.

The Philips TAG4106 is characterized by a stylish design, leatherette earpads with memory foam, 50 mm precise acoustic drivers, detachable unidirectional microphone, and DTS surround sound to provide great comfort and immersion during gameplay. The Philips TAG5106 combines that same stylish design, detachable unidirectional microphone, 50 mm precise drivers and DTS surround sound, with advanced 2.4 G and Bluetooth 5.2 dual wireless connection (gamers can swap between the two at the click of a button), offeringadvanced quality in gaming audio as well as mobile music, all in a single sleek, award-winning product.

How do I know when my Philips headphones are charged?

The Philips TAG4106 is easy to connect and to keep it running you just have to choose between the 3.5mm audio cable or USB connection, which ensure multi-platform compatibility.

On the other hand, the wireless Philips TAG5106 offers ultra-long battery life, meaning more than 45 hours with LED off, for a continuous gaming session without disruptions. However, charging it is easy: you only need to plug in the fast-charging USB-C at the bottom of the left and wait for a couple of hours. When the red light is on, the headset needs charging. Once the light turns off, the headset is ready to be used for a new adventure.

How do I pair my Philips wireless headset?
The first step in installing any pair of Philips headset is by downloading Philips Precision Centre (P-Centre) software from the Philips website. This provides the audio diver and lets you customise your device.

While pairing wired headsets is intuitive (for Philips TAG4106, you just have to choose the kind of connection you prefer and plug it in), there are two ways to pair a wireless Philips headset.

At the bottom right of the Philips TAG5106 you can choose the kind of connection at the click of a button: advanced 2.4 G or Bluetooth 5.2 dual connection. Bluetooth 5.2 can connect your gaming headset with many gaming devices integrated with Bluetooth technology, while professional-grade 2.4 G wireless technology delivers dependable, lossless audio with ultra-low latency for gaming.

For BT pairing, with the headphone turned on, you have to push left the tab (towards the Bluetooth symbol). You will then see, near the ON/OFF button, a flashing blue light for pairing mode. At that moment you can turn on the Bluetooth connection on your preferred device (mobile phone, computer, console) and select Philips TAG5016. You will see the flashing blue light once every 10 second, signalling the successful pairing.

2.4G pairing needs you to first prepare the connect dongle. You should press and hold the connect for more than 2 seconds to enter 2.4G wireless pairing mode. The light on the dongle indicates the status of the wireless connection. You then should plug the dongle in the device in use, while also pushing right the tab to select the kind of connection (towards the wireless symbol). The flashing green light will turn on once every 10 seconds, once successfully paired.

What are the Philips Headphones with Mic?

Both the Philips TAG4106 and the Philips TAG5106 are equipped with a detachable unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone, which offers the added benefit of enabling gamers to communicate with their teammates clearly and easily.

What are the Philips headset prices?
The Philips TAG4106 is available for purchase at the price of EUR 69.90

The Philips TAG5106 is available for purchase at the price of EUR 99.90

Disclaimer: Your headset model name may be followed by “LE” on its packaging. Please be aware that “LE” is for vendor identification internally- the product is exactly the same.

[1] “The video conferencing market size from telepresence segment is poised to surpass USD 30 billion by 2032, led by the rising demand for immersive virtual collaboration solutions.” From GMI’s “Video Conferencing Market Size By Component (Hardware [Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), Codecs, Peripheral Devices], Software [On-Premise, Cloud], Service [Professional, Managed]), By Type (Room-Based, Telepresence, Desktop), By Application (Corporate Enterprise, Education, Government, Healthcare), COVID-19 Impact Analysis, Growth Potential, Regional Outlook, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2023 – 2032” (link)