Philips Keyboard and Mouse: How to Connect, Models, and More

Keyboards and mice are some of the most important peripherals in your setup, improving your comfort during long working hours, and supporting with key ergonomic features. They also have to be functional and satisfying to use whilst seamlessly integrating into your set-up.

There are different factors to consider when buying a keyboard and mouse, and you really should put much thought into this decision. The first thing you need to consider is the kind of work you will be doing with your keyboard. For example, typing for hours calls for an ergonomic keyboard, whilst working with numbers requires a numeric pad. Additionally, are you working from home or on the go?

The type of set-up you need calls for two main factors to analyze: size and wired/wireless. For example, compact keyboards are useful for working on the go since they’re smaller, but they remove the number pad and other useful function keys. If you have space, you can definitely benefit from a complete keyboard. The wired and wireless configurations both have their pros and cons, and it mainly depends on personal preference. Although the wireless configuration cuts the clutter on your desk, it also needs charging – sometimes when you most need it.

Ergonomic features are also to be considered if you spend long hours writing and typing: ergonomic keyboards are specifically designed to make typing a more comfortable task. The Philips SPK6507B for example offers a detachable ergonomic palm rest that helps position your hands comfortably on the keyboard and offers a comfortable place to rest your palms when you are not typing.

Choosing the right mouse is, to a certain extent, similar. You still need to choose between wired and wireless options, but you must also consider the shape and the weight for comfort, on top of optical tracking and sensitivity (remember that higher the DPI, dots per inch, the more sensitive it will be).

There’s one last thing to consider when choosing peripherals: the price. Keyboards and mice can get expensive depending on the features they incorporate and the specific support and use they offer. A helpful trick would be to check out combos: you get a keyboard-mouse set that works perfectly together, but at a reasonable price.

1. Which brand keyboard and mouse is best?

Philips Monitors offers different computer accessories, with the same quality and attention to details that sets the brand apart from the rest of the market. You can find all available products including keyboards, mice, combos and even headsets here.

2. How do I connect my wireless mouse and keyboard?

Connecting is easy, but it depends on the type of wireless connection that you have available and want to use. For 2.4G connection, you have to turn on your keyboard and mouse, then push the battery door of your mouse away. Here you can find the 2.4G receiver: take it out and close the battery door. Next, plug the receiver into the USB port of your PC. Note that if the connection is successful, the 2.4G mode indicator will automatically turn off.

Depending on your device, you might also be able to connect your combo via Bluetooth. After making sure that the mouse power is on, short press the mode switch button under your mouse to select the Bluetooth mode. The corresponding indicator light on the top will flash slowly. Long press the Bluetooth mode switch key (the light will then flash quickly), then wait for Bluetooth pairing. You can then turn on your computer’s Bluetooth, and search and select your mouse. Lastly, start Bluetooth pairing until the connection is completed. The keyboard works in the same way: the mode key is among other function keys.

2.1 Can you use any wireless mouse with any keyboard?

Yes, generally speaking, but choosing a keyboard-mouse combo will ensure you get two great devices, at a reasonable cost, at the time. Finding an affordable, functional combo can make the difference.

3. Why is my wireless mouse and keyboard not working?

To get help, please visit our Support Page or contact us.

4. Which keyboard should I buy as a beginner?

Beginners should always think about how and for how long they need to use their devices and look for quality at a reasonable price. The perfect solution would be Philips SPK6207B, a compact keyboard with simple plug-and-play wired USB connection and long-lasting, laser-engraved keys. This model has the same click feel without the click noise, helping to keep your focus on your work. This quiet and comfortable experience comes at a low price, and is perfect for beginners on a budget.

5. Philips keyboard and mouse combo price

Keyboard and mice prices depend on the products’ included features, and can increase greatly for gaming-focused peripherals. However, there are a few tricks to avoid over-spending. Firstly, find the right model for the intended use. Then, look for a combo! Keyboard-mouse combos are generally less expensive overall and provide you with two comfortable and ergonomic devices.

5.1 Philips keyboard and mouse manual

Philips keyboard and mouse manuals can be easily found on the product page of each device. Once on the product page, users need to scroll down to a box with a green wrench, titled “Get support for this product”. Clicking there, they are redirected to the support page, where they can find FAQs, user manuals and useful tips.

5.2 Philips wireless keyboard and mouse

The Philips SPT6607B is a wireless keyboard-mouse combo that features 3200 adjustable DPI, convenient 2.4 GHz Wireless and Bluetooth connection and a comfortable detachable palm rest. What’s more, the Philips SPT6607B can be paired with up to three devices including any computer, tablet or smartphone, so that you can smoothly work between each. In short, it is a truly work-on-everything combo, providing the ultimate convenience in one package.